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Scrapstashtic Quilts

Scrapstashtic Quilts

Change Your Relationship with Your Fabric Stash, and Become a More Creative Quilter

This book is for the creative quilter who knows and appreciates the value of every inch of fabric, but values the organization and order of their sewing room even more. The defined scrap sizes and restricted storage space gives you control over your excess fabric and trains you to funnel it into creative use. ScrapStashtic Quilts will nurture your quilt design creativity and teach you how to “fabricate” fast, unique quilts based on the constraints of the supplies you have on hand. The quilt recipes allow you to explore the creative possibilities of a traditional quilt, while breaking through the implied limitations of a typical quilt pattern. This system will enable you to say, “All I need to design a one-of-a-kind piece of art is my brain and my fabric.”

ScrapStashtic Quilts is a complete scrap quilting system based on over 30 years of sewing experience and 20 years of productivity and time management study. Janellea Macbeth presents easy to follow steps that will increase your quilting creativity, clean up your sewing space, keep your fabric stash fresh and inspiring, and help you reduce your quilting carbon footprint. If you like books by Kim Brackett, Evelyn Sloppy, and Jane Ford, you will love this book.

Buy ScrapStashtic Quilts today to change the relationship you have with your stash fabric from passive to active.