Mystery Quilt - Fall 2017

Hello fellow Quilted Crow Inspectors (QCI)!  This easy 76” x 92” mystery quilt is a perfect way to start your fall quilting projects! You only need 4 coordinating fabrics, one light and one medium neutral such as a white, cream or gray, and one medium and one dark of your favorite color fabric.

Please note that Clues will be distributed only on Fridays during the Mystery Quilt event.

The pre-clue will be ready for distribution on Friday September 8th for $10. If you finish your pre-clue by Sept. 15th , Clue 1 is free!  You have 1 week to finish each clue.  If you finish on time the next clue is free, otherwise the clue is $5. There are a total of 8 clues and the last clue will be distributed on Friday, November 3rd.  The Grand Reveal will be on Friday, November 10th.

So don your sleuth cap and let the detective work begin!

-Sherlock Sue
Cost: $ 10.00
Instructor Name:Sherlock Sue
Instructor Bio:Sherlock Sue